Porfolio of services


Mila Cleaning Services main core services offering is contract cleaning, offering our clients a one stop, customised solution. Our people have experience and expertize in the following areas;

Commercial Cleaning

Offices, Business Parks, Meeting room refreshment services, pause areas, staff lounges, bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas

Industrial Laundry Service

Our industrial laundry service department has experience serving various sites of varying size, in many different industries


Retail Cleaning

We offer you a custom cleaning solution for retail centres such as shopping centres and retail parks, our experienced staff members will ensure that all common areas, food courts, bathrooms and parking areas are kept clean

Emergency Cleaning Services

We offer the following emergency clean up services - water spillage


Our hospitality cleaning services include hotels, resorts, casinos and stadium suites (please include the a picture of the stands)


We cater for the following facilities - clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and private rooms

And Education facilities

This includes the cleaning of classrooms, other school facilities such as sports amenities, leacture halls, Universities, Technikons, Colleges as well as servicing the student boarding residential areas

Specialised cleasning


Mila Cleaning Services specialised service offering includes;

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning services are responsible for reaching and cleaning often-neglected areas or locations with a high concentration of germs. Our deep cleaning toilet services cover the thorough cleaning of all the toilet facilities in your office building, warehouse or factory. As part of our deep cleaning service, we make sure that we keep all parts of your toilet facilities clean including: Urinals, Shower drains, Toilet bowls, Toilet rims, seats and covers

Carpet and Upholstery;

We can provide our carpet cleaning services either as a once-off task, or as a regular service that preserves and extends the life of your carpets and improves their appearance. Within our specialist carpet cleaning services, we offer two main kinds of carpet cleaning: dry powder carpet cleaning and wet extraction carpet cleaning. Our specialised upholstery cleaning services clean and maintain your office furniture upholstery on items such as boardroom chairs, office chairs and privacy screens. We also specialise in cleaning leather, suede and printed fabric chairs and couches.

Laundry Services

We offer wash, dry and fold laundry services for the following areas: Hospitals, Clinics, Restaurants, Salons, Mines, Hotels

Pre & Post occupation cleaning

We offer the following emergency clean up services - water spillage

Hygiene Services


We supply and manage janitorial consumables using consumable control sheets as well as hygiene services on request. Ranging from toilet-paper rolls to sanitary bins and Automatic air fresheners. We supply and maintain these services on a monthly rental basis or on an outright purchase. We also manage existing units from external service contractors.

Waste Management


This includes support services for; Recyclable waste management, Commercial waste management, General waste management- (sorting, quantifying, reporting). Waste collection and disposal management.

Trolley Management


  • Trolley control
  • Collection Service
  • Kept hygienic and maintained
  • Steam cleaning
  • Trained and accountable teams
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Accountability
  • Available, trained and helpful staff

Emergency Cleaning Services


We offer the following emergency clean up services - water spillage



  • Trained and credible merchandising staff
  • Literate and dedicated teams
  • Criminal checks with IPAC
  • Shelf management and control
  • Professional supervision
  • Back up teams
  • Merchandising: Cold chain, frozen, Long life & textiles
  • Stock rotation
  • Fridge cleaning



  • Top-quality, compliant-vendor network
  • Convenient one point of contact for any need
  • Subject matter experts proficient at identifying issues
  • Ultimate preventive / reactive maintenance
  • Standardized pricing for greater savings

Security Solutions


In partnership TSU Africa, for Security Guard Services. TSU Protection Services was formed in 1999 to supply a range of security services with highly trained professionals and is regarded as one of the leading security companies in South Africa.

  • Management of Confidential Information as per the POPI regulations
  • Exceptionally high standards and service levels.
  • Trained staff with on-going intensive training techniques
  • Minimizing security risks on site
  • Professional attention to detail
  • In-depth security analysis
  • Responsive in critical situations
  • More details on

Mila Learning


Mila Cleaning Services is an accredited Provider of Education and Training (Services SETA Accreditation No: 12841) for the delivery of the following learning programmes. The Directors of Mila are also accredited Facilitators and Assessors:

  • Qualification Title: National: Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME) SAQA I.D: 49648 NQF Level:2
  • Qualification Tittle: Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation SAQA I.D. 66249 NQF Level:4
  • Qualification Tittle: National Certificate: Generic Management SAQA I.D. 59201 LP 60269 NQF Level:5
  • Qualification Tittle: Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management SAQA I.D. 57712 LP 74630 NQF Level:4
  • Qualification Tittle: Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management SAQA I.D. 57712 LP 58344 NQF Level:4
  • GETC: Domestic Services SAQA I.D:23853 NQF Level:1 General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning SAQA I.D:57937 NQF Level:1

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